Nov. 25th, 2011

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To everyone who accidentally or intentionally causes physical harm to another person during Black Friday shopping,

Don't be an ass.

No love,


WIP meme

Nov. 25th, 2011 09:49 pm
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That meme where you post excerpts from your current Works In Progress

The Decemberists
The landlord’s daughter sank to the bottom of the stream. The robber tucked her underneath the roots of a willow that hung over the water. Between the tree and its shade, she wouldn’t be easily seen. Such precautions were likely unnecessary as the area was secluded, but caution was always a good idea. Should anybody spy her, he would be far gone by then. And in any case, these things happened. Wealthy women should know better than to go walking alone.

El laberinto del fauno/Revolutionary Girl Utena
At the end of one hall there was a narrow, curving staircase. Something bounced down the steps and halted against her foot. It was a wooden spindle. Ofelia peered into the dark staircase. The rhythmic noise was coming from above. Holding the spindle, she climbed.

At the top of a great many stairs, she found a windowless room. In the center of the room, a dark-skinned woman wearing a scarlet dress and a gold crown sat at a spinning wheel. Piles of unsheathed swords surrounded her.

Bloody Jack
If she is honest with herself (and she tries to be), Amy Trevelyne is not entirely surprised that Jacky leaves a fair bit of Boston burning when she rides out of town just ahead of Constable Wiggins. It briefly puts Amy in mind of Paul Revere's famous ride before the Revolution, although Mr. Revere never committed accidental arson. For Amy is sure that it was an accident--Jacky never intends to be a harbringer of chaos, though chaos happens all the same.


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