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Try to write a filk song of "He Had It Coming" from the POV of Marian in "The Woman in White".
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I'm only through Books 1 and 2 of the super-long Le Morte d'Arthur and I kind of want to have a drinking game where you take a shot every time somebody dies but then you'd die of alcohol poisoning after five pages and you wouldn't even get to have Merlin make a pretty tomb for you.
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So in the movie, Sarah's given thirteen hours to get from the entrance of the Labyrinth to the castle in the Goblin City. Let's assume that in the world of the Labyrinth, there have been multiple people who are issued the same challenge with the same time limit. Does it have to be thirteen consecutive hours? Or would it be possible for somebody make a deal where it has to be solved in thirteen hours where they could be scattered about a longer amount of time and whenever they have to "work" on it, they're dropped into the spot where they left off last time?
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I'm reviewing TSA guidelines in preparation for a trip later this week and I thought you'd be pleased to know that their "What Can I Bring?: Miscellaneous" list states Harry Potter wands are permitted in a carry-on bag. It's good to know that the U.S. Government, despite its many flaws, at least supports any fights against Death Eaters.

Antlers, a live lobster, and putty balls are also items approved for carry-on.
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1. I finally started the "import LJ to DW" process. I'll only be posting to DW after this but at this time I don't plan on deleting my LJ account since there's still one community I participate in.

2. Finally had my appointment today to see a specialist because of a clogged ear due to ear wax, which became even worse (constant feeling of pressure and difficulty hearing) after a first attempt at flushing it out at my regular doctor. How is this fixed, you might ask? In my case, basically by vacuuming out the ear wax. It was weird as hell and uncomfortable, but not painful and now I can hear again.

3. I clapped like a seal and cheered when I heard that Bill O'Reilly got fired. I'll take any victory we can get.

4. Flowers and trees are blooming everywhere and it makes me feel a lot better.

5. It's so hard making time to write these days. One of the only things I miss about my schedule from the work environment from hell was that I could get up and spend an hour writing before doing anything else a couple of days each week. I'm too tired on weeknights now and I don't always succeed at writing on the weekends. Trying to figure out a solution.
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Seeing photos of the Chicago River dyed green reminds me of the time I held a children's program on St. Patrick's Day at the library: before they arrived I put green food coloring in the water for snacktime. This backfired when almost every child (Elementary school age) refused to drink it because the teachers had done the same stunt in the toilets earlier that day, saying that green water was leprechaun pee.
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Things I've done since my last post just over a month ago:

My February charity donation went to the Standing Rock DAPL protest fund.

Called Chris Collins' office to state that I disagree with his decision not to hold town hall meetings. He's been an asshole about it. I want to make myself a polite pain in the butt by calling his office constantly as a result but haven't been able to work my way up to it yet.

I submitted a comment on the European Union's website asking them not to require visas of American just wanting to visit EU countries.

That sums it up. I had unexpected time off from work the past couple days and I wanted to call my representatives' offices since it would be easy for me to call during the day for once. But I couldn't decide what to call about and it's too late now. But I did get some knitting done on a scarf I plan on donating to charity or a homeless shelter.
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Thank you to everybody who posts about what they've been doing for activism. It helps me to keep going.

I'm proud of myself that I've made several calls to representatives over the past month, but it's all been to voicemail. It's hard for me to make any personal calls during the day. I worry that the messages are just being deleted but it's all I can do with making calls for now. I was able to make four this morning about Bannon--three to my Congressmen and one to the Senate Committee for Homeland Security. I really do feel glad for doing that but I wish it was more.

I started donating money each month since November. It's only a little but I'm always so scared about spending money after the times when I was just getting by or having to dip into my savings each month. I tell myself I need to be ready for a (metaphorical) marathon but I still feel guilty.

I have a family gathering this weekend. I want to see my relatives but I've been worrying for the past few days that somebody's going to start talking about politics because if they do, it's likely to be supportive of Trump. And I'll just have to seethe through it and keep myself together for the several-hours drive home. Really hoping that doesn't happen.


Jan. 28th, 2017 10:27 am
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After turning on my computer today and watching some of the morning news:

--John Hurt is dead
--Trump's presidential twitter account is registered with a Gmail address and not well-secured
--Trump bans refugees from majority Muslim countries on Holocaust Remembrance Day

From yesterday:

--Trump continues to insist that American's won't pay for the border wall and Mexico will, despite Mexico's president repeatedly saying "WTF, no we won't, what's the matter with you?" and cancelling an official trip to the U.S.

Fuck it all, I'm making tea.
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This country fucked up. It really fucked up.

ETA: And apparently this disaster is happening during the anniversarry of Kristallnacht. You can't make this shit up.
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I got up early this morning and am drinking a cup of strong tea in preparation for going out to vote. The line shouldn't be too long because I live in a more-or-less rural area, but I'm mentally preparing myself just in case. Also, I'm bringing a book and music along. This is one of the times when my frustrating work schedule comes in handy--because I don't have to be there until later in the day, it gives me plenty of time to vote this morning. Good luck to everybody else who's going out!
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I have been drinking wine throughout the second presidential debate and it's been very helpful. Though I probably should have had twice the amount of wine by now.
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Laura’s father wielding bear spray was a great introduction. It's nice that we finally get to see him after all those times Laura said her dad was going to kill her.

Lots of spoilers from here on.

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I'm about halfway through Wilkie Collins's The Woman in White now and I've been taking a break from it least a week, because that was a lot of Victorian lit I zoomed through and I need to digest it before continuing.

To sum up what's been happening, Marian Halcombe (who is the BEST EVER, I love her so much) and Walter Hartright get their Scooby Doo on to find out who sent the engaged Laura Fairlie an anonymous letter warning her against marrying Sir Percival Glyde. Unsurprising spoilers: it was Anne Catherick. Unfortunately, they can't get her to talk with Laura face-to-face and tell her exactly why she shouldn't marry Sir Ominous Name. Walter Hartright soon takes off because he and Laura have fallen in love with each other but she still plans on marrying her fiance.

Laura Fairlie is one of those people who's honest to a fault. There are so many red flags with this wedding, starting with when she tells Sir Percival that she can never love him because she's in love with somebody else and his reaction is, "'re saying you'll still marry me unless I release you from our engagement anyway? Let's get married!" There's also pre-nup shenanigans involving money.

Other events include the revelation that Sir Percival is an asshole as soon as the wedding is over, the presence of Count Fosco and his wife (Laura's estranged aunt) who are both immensely creepy, and the reappearance of Anne Catherick, who I feel sorry for because she is clearly mentally unwell and was locked up in an insane asylum against her will, but also causes frustration because oh my God Anne, just spill the beans and tell the big secret about Sir Percival already!

One of the things that has stuck out to me the most is how Marian and Laura are trapped in what's turning out to be a horror scenario by good breeding and the expectations of polite behavior. Laura can't bring herself to break this engagement that is clearly bad news because it's what her deceased father wanted. Marian can't tell Sir Percival to drop dead when he's being horrible. None of them can tell Count Fosco to get lost when he's being weird and forcing his company on them.

And here's the biggest one: after a scene in which Sir Percival does everything short of physical abuse to force his wife to sign an agreement that he won't let her read and she succeeds in refusing, the women stay at the house. They go with what seems to be the best solution: send a letter to Laura's lawyer in London, asking for advice on how to continue refusing. That's good enough, but what the reader really wants them to do is leave the house immediately and put a safe distance between Sir Percival, and Marian and Laura. It's likely that he'd be able to get her under his control again because they're married and this is Victorian England, but if the sisters could at least reach their family's lawyer in London they'd be able to make a better plan and put a building between themselves and the men in their lives who are clearly up to no good.
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It’s back! I finally get to watch Season 3 of Carmilla. This may be an unpopular opinion, but I like that the creators are ending the show with this season. I’ve seen way too many TV shows that just go on and on for as many seasons as they can squeeze out until everything is horrible and you want the show to put everyone out of its misery. I like it much more when stories have a beginning, middle, and an end.

Immediate reactions and thoughts on the effects of being vampired in the Carmilla universe are behind a spoiler cut, since the season is still so new.

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Okay, my self-control is just about gone. I had a lengthy entry in mind that boiled down to how you can track the level of the Dean's control over Perry in Season 2 through costuming. I'm also wondering, since in the Season 2 finale the Dean specifically mentions having to find "alternate accomodations" after getting shoved into the pit, does this mean Perry has been unknowingly possessed since the last episodes of Season 1? She doesn't show any signs of it during the Christmas Special, which raises the possibility that the Dean could only be in control while at the Silas campus. If our heroes had managed to stay away from Silas University, would the Dean have been forced to remain dormant?
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I had a great time when Season 0 aired and it's something I rewatch when I want to have something entertaining but I don't want to have to pay a lot of attention, like doing the dishes. I don't rewatch Season 2 often because even though I thought it was really well-done, it has so many painful moments. So I'm grateful that I can just start the playlist for Season 0 or Season 1 whenever I'm in the mood.

I've decided that the creators of Carmilla hadn't planned Season 0 when they started the show and this is why. (Thoughts on Perry are also behind the cut.)

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Season 3 is finally posted! With any luck, I have enough self-restraint to finish posting my thoughts on Season 2--mainly Perry and possession--before I start watching it.
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One of my goals this year has been to read and cross off books from my To Read list. Since The Woman in White by Wilkie Collins has been on my list so long that I didn't remember what it's about or why I put it on my list, I had to read it. I'm about 30 pages in and want to write down what I think so far before any plot twists turn up. This novel started its publication as a serial in 1859 and I haven't read a lot of Victorian literature, so I'm not sure how it might turn out.

Walter Hartright is a drawing instructor in his late 20s who has just applied to and accepted a job posting of tutor for several months to two young women at an estate in Cumbria (northern England). On the night that he's thinking about the job offer and walking home to London, he meets a nervous woman all in white who makes him promise multiple times to escort her safely to London and leave her when she asks, and she's very relieved when he doesn't know a certain nobleman. He overhears several men after he leaves her and discovers she has escaped asylum!

So far he's met only one of the young ladies who's described as being the most ladylike and wonderful person from the back, then when she turns around..."Never was the old conventional maxim, that Nature cannot err, more flatly contradicted--never was the fair promise of a lovely figure more strangely and startlingly belied by the face and head that crowned it." Marian Halcombe is described as "almost swarthy" with brown eyes and "thick, coal-black hair growing unusually low down on her forehead." Is she meant to be of partial African or southern European descent? We haven't met her half-sister yet but I have a feeling she'll be blonde and blue-eyed, or otherwise a stereotypically beautiful Englishwoman.

They also have an invalid uncle, no companions other than servants, and two female companions who left recently due to the presence of too many women and not enough social activities.

I don't have many guesses as to what will happen next, but there are almost 600 pages to go and I look forward to shenanigans.
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The trailer for Season 3 of Carmilla is up! It starts airing on September 15. Thoughts behind the cut.

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Crap, I really need to finish posting my thoughts/meta on Season 2 and Season 0 that I started working on...last year?

Pangur Ban

Aug. 20th, 2016 06:19 pm
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The medievalists on my friends list are gonna like this. (My apologies for leaving off the accent mark--I don't know how to add it when typing online.)

For a brief overview, "Pangur Ban" is a poem that was written by an Irish monk in the 9th century C.E. What is it about? It's about the monk's white cat who shares his room and chases mice while the monk focuses on his studies.

Now for the fun part: my new favorite book at work is a children's picture book titled The White Cat and the Monk. It's a sweet book that retells the poem with wonderful illustrations showing the cat and monk at their duties throughout the monastery at night until dawn arrives. It even has a historical note at the end!

I love that people were writing poems about their cats over 1,200 years ago; I love that the monk basically named his pet "White Cat"; I love that the monk's poem about his cat has survived all that time; and above all, I love that somebody in the present day thought it was worth making into a book for children. When I'm having a rough day, all of this makes me smile.

You can read the poem itself here.


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