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I've really got to get a Utena icon one of these days. Anyway...

You already know about the literal lyric music video for Total Eclipse of the Heart, right? Somebody took the audio and used it to make a Utena fanvid. I CAN'T STOP WATCHING IT.

Fan Fiction
Archimage by Jude

The super-long, epically awesome, post-series fic you've been searching for. Anthy and Utena have reunited outside Ohtori, but even years later they encounter the other duelists and return to Ohtori with a strong desire to kick Akio's ass. Guys, this fic made me like Nanami and Saionji. HOW THE HELL DID THAT HAPPEN? It also feature Anthy as an in-character badass. I'm glad I didn't discover it until recently, since I heard it was a WIP for 10 years.

What's More Dangerous Than Cruising an LA Freeway? by DB Sommer

Set during that episode when Wakaba gets Utena out of the way so that she can go for a ride in the Akio-mobile. (Author says it's during Episode 30.) I can't say anything more than Wakaba is completely and totally awesome, because that would spoil the surprise.
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I read in this morning's paper that the poet Wislawa Szymborska has died. I'm going to go read over her collection of poetry that I've kept since my freshman year in college and cry now.

ETA: Her obituary in the New York Times

I never got around to posting a list of recs from Yuletide this year but one of the fics I really liked features her poetry: At the Spring
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I'm in love with Archive of Our Own tonight. I was browsing through the fandoms--the archive's still small enough that it's easy to go through them quickly--and came across a Princess Tutu/The Last Unicorn crossover!!!

"and a pale moon is rising" by Nina (10AlliraDream84).

I thought, "There's no way this can work." But I read it and devoured the whole thing. It's sweet and the characters fit together perfectly. Warnings: has major spoilers for both fandoms.

I may end up cross-posting more of my fics to AO3 when I have time, to make it easier for readers to find what they want.
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As a result of following links from one LJ to another, I came across this Supernatural fan fic: Twitterpated, in which several of the main characters acquire twitter.

It's set during Season 5; for the most part, I know jack about what happens after the end of Season 2 but I still grin and bounce inanely while reading this. I kid you not, an audible "Eee!" escaped my mouth at one point and I wondered if any of the neighbors heard (probably not).
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I just read my Yuletide fic and it's the best! I've been grinning ever since I started reading it. It's Songs That My Mother Taught Me. Fandom: The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova. It has Helen and the Narrator, libraries, archives, and letters. What more could a girl ask for?

What I said in the comments: Thank you! This is a wonderful Yuletide present. You did a great job of capturing the characters’ voices. Also, I recently started graduate school to become a librarian and archives are dear to me, so this is doubly special. Thanks again.

I want to read through all the other posted stories right now but I'm going to make myself wait until the website is less busy from all of us reading our goodies.
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I'm not big on Harry Potter but I've come across a Harry Potter/Good Omens fanfic, and it's actually good!

It's A Kind of Magic by Moony12

Sadly, the author hasn't updated it since 2003. Go on, read!


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