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So in the movie, Sarah's given thirteen hours to get from the entrance of the Labyrinth to the castle in the Goblin City. Let's assume that in the world of the Labyrinth, there have been multiple people who are issued the same challenge with the same time limit. Does it have to be thirteen consecutive hours? Or would it be possible for somebody make a deal where it has to be solved in thirteen hours where they could be scattered about a longer amount of time and whenever they have to "work" on it, they're dropped into the spot where they left off last time?
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I can't believe I haven't posted about this yet. For the 30th anniversary of Labyrinth this year, it's being shown in theaters on 9/11 and 9/14. You can find more information about it at Fathom Events. The link to buy tickets is live on the page now, but you can also click on the FAQ on their website for links to other sites where you can buy tickets.

I literally stayed up late so that I could buy a ticket right away because I didn't know how limited availability would be. That's probably the most fannish thing I've ever done. I can't wait!
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Today I lost any self-control I ever had at the farmer's stand and bought a four-quart container of peaches. My kitchen table now makes me look like the (drug) supplier for the Labyrinth!

I really need to get back to work on that fic about a shortage of peaches...
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Have some drabbles, everyone! All three are humorous.

Title: Seduction Eyes

Fandom: Carmilla (web series)
Summary: Episode 17 AU. On the night of luau, the calvalry arrives a few minutes later and everything changes.

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Title: Say Your Right Words

Fandom: Labyrinth
Summary: Misspoken lines on the set of “Labyrinth” have serious consequences for Jennifer Connelly and David Bowie.

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Title: That’s Not Fair

Fandom: Labyrinth
Summary: Urban legend has it that if you look into a mirror and say “That’s not fair” three times, the Goblin King appear. But what happens after you say your right words?

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Title: Naughty or Nice

Fandom: Labyrinth
Author's Notes: Written for Winterfest 2014 at [ profile] labyfic
Summary: It was the first time somebody had wished Santa away but it wouldn’t be the last. A look at some of the encounters between Santa Claus and the Goblin King over the years.
Disclaimer: Not mine, don't sue, I don't want to end up on the 'Naughty' list.

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Today's amused mood brought on by the realization that Jeff Bridges was not just the voice of Prince Lir in The Last Unicorn but also Rooster Cogburn in the remake of True Grit. They're both great films and characters! Just completely and totally different!

(I've also been entertaining myself by starting a Labyrinth fic involving peach season during my long wait at far too early in the damn morning o'clock at the mechanic today.)
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This weekend when I was outside shoveling and saw some sidewalk plows, it struck me that that they look an awful lot like the Cleaners in Labyrinth.
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"An extremely dangerous and foolhardy exercise, goblin knitting is undertaken with only one knitting needle--but one that is barbed and has two razor-sharp edges to it. It takes two goblins to knit a scarf or a sweater and demands a remarkable degree of coordination and cooperation, which is, quite honestly, totally alien to goblin nature. Hence the knitting usually breaks down into a violent argument, and blood flows within a matter of one or two stitches. In fact, nowadays, the traditional preliminaries of carding and skeining the wool, discussing the knitting pattern and choosing a pretty colour, are usually dispensed with, and the knitters get straight down to the business of hacking each other to pieces."

--The Goblins of Labyrinth by Brian Froud and Terry Jones

Note to self: WRITE A STORY ABOUT THIS. I now have a mental image of a goblin knitting circle, complete with pastries, that turns into a bloody battle when they start arguing about which hand to carry the yarn in, and wool vs acrylic yarn.
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Recently at work I showed a group of elementary school kids Labyrinth and it was a blast. (I wish that more kids had turned up, but work with what you've got.) Their heads bopped along to the music during the "Dance Magic" and Fiery scenes, and the goblins amused them a lot. The Bog of Eternal Stench also got some giggles and lots of "Ew!"'s. I think the part they laughed the most at was, "Your mother is a fragging aarkvark!"

Turns out that a couple of the girls had seen it already. When their mother came to pick them up, she showed me that one of her arms is almost completely covered with tattoos of the Labyrinth characters.

Now I wonder if any of them will try to wish away their siblings.
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At work I recently received an activity kit for a storytime that I will have next week. One of the items included is an owl puppet. I'm having trouble resisting the urge to act out "Labyrinth".
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I was watching Disney's "Sleeping Beauty" recently and realized that Maleficient's scenes when she's storming around in her castle with her goblins/gremlins/servants/whatever remind me of Jareth and the goblins in "Labyrinth". Though whereas Jareth does a good job of keeping an eye of things, Maleficient isn't so good at it. She let her creatures search for a baby for sixteen years without checking up on them! (As my mother would say when we're discussing movies, "That's one of the things you're not supposed to think about." Also, I absolutely love her reaction to the news.) It sounds like she could use a few tips from the Goblin King.

It makes me kind of want a fic where she finds Aurora right off the bat and...then what happens? Does she kill the baby right away? That would ruin the fun of seeing Aurora effectively kill herself and cause agony to her parents in the process. Would she allow Aurora to grow up in her castle to accomplish this and if so, would Aurora be aware of it. Do the fairies try to get her back?

You know, when I started writing this entry I had planned only to talk about comparisons between "Sleeping Beauty" and "Labyrinth". I haven't written more than a few paragraphs of fan fic at a time since Yuletide. Damn plot bunnies! (Ohmygod, I want to write this one so much now.)
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I've seen this meme multiple times but most recently it comes from netgirl_y2k

Pick a story I've written, and comment to this post with it. I will then give you a DVD commentary on that fic: what I was thinking when I wrote it, why I wrote it in the first place, what's going on in the character's heads, why I chose certain words, what this moment means in the context of the rest of the fic, lots of awful puns, and anything else that you'd expect to find on a DVD commentary track.

The change I made is that I'm impatient and didn't feel like waiting for responses, so I went ahead and chose to write about "A Lost Child in a Forgotten Tale", my El laberinto del fauno/Labyrinth crossover. Feel free to pick any other fics for me to do commentary on, if you feel like it.

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Not a fic for [ profile] au_bingo. Most of this fic was written last autumn and has been in revisions since.

Title: A Lost Child in a Forgotten Tale

Fandoms: Labyrinth (1986, Jim Henson) / El laberinto del fauno
Word Length: approx. 7,500
Summary: Ofelia wishes her brother away but not for the reasons you might think.
Disclaimer: I do not own Labyrinth or El laberinto del fauno. “The Stolen Child” belongs to W.B. Yeats. The title is a quote from the poetry of Federico García Lorca.

Warnings and Author’s Notes: Angst. Major spoilers for El laberinto del fauno. Extensive knowledge of Labyrinth (Henson) not required. I couldn't have made the revisions without feedback from [personal profile] lotesse

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I don't know what it is that's making me post on LJ so often this October, but I like it!

So I'm working on a writing exercise that involves the painting "Proserpine" by Dante Gabriel Rossetti (see my user icon). There's a pomegranate in it, I got to thinking about the Persephone myth, and...

How awesome would it have been on so many symbological levels if in the movie Labyrinth, Jareth had given Sarah a pomegranate instead of a peach? I started grinning just thinking about it. The only drawback is that a pomegranate is a hell of a lot harder to eat.
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The other night in one of my dreams, I wrote a Labyrinth fan fiction. How annoying that I can't remember the story!
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I must be on a roll lately--doing a drabble, thinking about more weekend traveling, and now finally posting my main adventures from two weekends ago! Here are the highlights.

Friday, February 15
As I was going to Wales by myself, the taxi ride to the airport was dreadfully expensive. I should have taken it as a sign of things to come. (In hindsight, I could have arranged the transportation to Cardiff and back with less transfers and at a lower price.)

Currently, I dislike small children. Sitting behind me on the airplane flight to London was a family with two boys. The older one behaved himself, but the younger (around two years old) just could not sit still. He wasn´t kicking my seat, but he was constantly wiggling about, and it was a solid two hours of the mother saying, "James, sit still; James, keep your seatbelt on; Stop tearing your coloring book--you´re only ruining it for yourself; etc." It´s a good thing the brat wasn´t on my return flight, as I would have been tempted to tell him stories of the Erlking/Goblin King/Lucy from Dracula to make him behave.

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The less said about all the train changes I had to do, the better. A word to the unwary: train tickets are expensive, and dollars are not worth much when exchanged into pounds. Still, at least I can brag about having navigated the Tube.

Somebody must have been taking pity on me, as it was after dark when I arrived in Cardiff, but I found my hostel easily. Literally all I had to do was walk along the River Taf, and there it was.

I signed up for a four-person room to save money. The first night, my roommates were two women around my age from Germany, here to visit the one person´s brother. In the hostel´s bar/restaurant I made friends with a couple named Sarah and Adam, here for a few days from around the middle of England. The beds were terrible, but that seemed to be a feature of our room, and not the entire hostel.
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