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Laura’s father wielding bear spray was a great introduction. It's nice that we finally get to see him after all those times Laura said her dad was going to kill her.

Lots of spoilers from here on.

Pro: J.P. is back!
Con: He’s been captured, imprisoned, and tortured.

I’m glad Kirsch is still alive and mostly well. Though I think his characterization may have become a little dimmer and he deserves so much better.

Mel, you’re back! I’m so glad to see you. I want at least one entire episode from Mel’s point of view and her footage of life down in the pit and her podcast.

“Smarter-than-thou” Betty is so entertaining. I would love to see her and Mel team up and sass the Dean into oblivion.

The Scrabble game! Oh my god, the Scrabble game! That was amazing. I’d like to know just what the prize for the rematch would have been.

(After a second viewing: Okay, Mattie says that the goddess is annoyed that Laura and Carmilla want her to fight a war for them. But presumably she still doesn’t want the Dean/Innana to invade Hell and destroy the world. Is there anything stopping her from smacking down the Dean right here and now?)

Wow, I really did not see Laura’s Dad’s departure coming.

The Dean is in the library, crap. Was J.P. forced to lay a trap for them so that LaFontaine would bring the Dean into the library? Yeah, it’s totally going to turn out to be a trap. His video quality getting much better all of a sudden is suspicious.

When is Mel coming back? I miss Mel.

It was great watching Mattie tear into the Dean.

I called it, it was a trap. I’m still left wondering just when J.P. realized that the Dean was in charge of Perry’s body. Was it only after he was captured by Corvet, or had it started earlier, such as when he ran after what everybody thought was still Perry during the Season 2 finale? Is Will in fact still inside his head?

It’s interesting that LaFontaine isn’t present during any of the struggle after Danny and Theo turn up, and the Dean gets free.

Laura vanished! Going by the cobwebs, I’m currently going on the idea that the library sent her to either the future or some sort of other pocket of time to protect her from the Dean.

I just found out that videos of Mel’s podcast are posted on the show’s YouTube channel! I can’t wait to watch it.
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