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2016-05-19 01:06 pm
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testing, testing, 123

Well, I finally stopped being lazy and created a DW account! Let's see how this goes. I plan to continue cross-posting everything to LJ at this time. Of course, I have to figure out how to enable comments in both places first. I can't figure out if I have to add the DW post url to the footer every time? This is why I hate doing tech stuff.
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2015-08-23 05:14 pm
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great news

Laura Mixon's report on RH/BS won a Hugo!!! HELL YES!!!
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2015-04-20 11:53 am
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today is full of beautiful things

Because online archives/libraries ARE THE SHIT.

New York State Historic Newspapers is an online, free collection of newspapers from all around New York that you can browse through or search. So I looked up "fox sisters" (as in Kate and Margaret Fox, of 19th century Spiritualist movement fame) and have already hit gold. I don't know how anything else I can find is going to top this:

"The Fox sisters are outdone by a Polk county (Ga.) girl of 14. She can place her hand on a chair and it will walk around the room. She places her hand upon the table and and it moves as she wishes. She placed her hand upon a chair in which a man sat, and the chair--man and all--moved at her touch."

I will admit that part of my hilarity was to originally misreading the excerpt as "She can place her head on a chair and it will walk around the room."

In case something goes screwy with the link, this is found in The Ogdensburg advance and St. Lawrence weekly Democrat, (Ogdensburg, N.Y.), January 03, 1884, Page 3, Image 3
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2015-04-02 10:10 am

5 things make a post

1. Guillermo del Toro is directing an episode for Season 3 of Hannibal! Does this mean that the Pale Man can kill Hannibal? That would be awesome, even though I'd never be able to sleep again.

2. Speaking of del Toro, you could have knocked me over with a feather when I found out that his upcoming horror film Crimson Peak is set in Buffalo, NY.

3. I have started seeing flowers when I go walking outside and it's wonderful.

4. I couldn't stand the Taylor Swift song "Blank Space" until somebody on FFA recently said that they want a Will/Hannibal fanvid set to that song, and now I laugh whenever it comes on the radio because I can't stop mentally matching up clips from the show to go with the lyrics.

5. I'm signed up for the Conlan Press/Peter S. Beagle newsletters and there's going to be a new edition for The Last Unicorn DVD released this June and among the extras will be an audio commentary track and a documentary OH MY GOD GIVE IT TO ME NOW. The most recent newsletter also includes a link to a vid of somebody doing a cover of the title song and it's lovely.
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2014-07-13 09:34 pm
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and sometimes, fandom's not so great

AKA, the complete and total trainwreck that is Dashcon, a con based around Tumblr. I stumbled across the amazing awfulness in these two threads at Fail Fandom Anon.

Just...holy shit. Highlights include the world's saddest ball pit, attendees being panicked/desperate/gullible enough to throw $17,000 at the con organizers in half an hour because the organizers claimed the hotel was going to kick them out, embarrassment-squick over fans' actions to hold strong against the "evil corporation" that is the hotel (guys, I feel so damn sorry for that hotel's staff), and an appalling lack of organizational skills on the part of the people running the con.

ETA: Another thread at FFA and there's a write-up at Fandom Wank. Among the other hilarity to be found in the links throughout the threads, somebody's created a playlist for Dash-con.
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2014-07-03 10:26 am
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Hobby Lobby question

So Hobby Lobby doesn't want to pay for its female employees to have medication that prevents pregnancy. Can anybody tell me if the company provides its employees with paid maternity leave?
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2014-02-02 02:27 pm
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LJ posting question

Can anybody tell me if there's a way to keep an entry at the top of your blog? I know in the past you could future-date it and it would just stay at the top, but when I tried it recently I was told that the entry was not "scheduled" for the date I had given of one year in the future, and that it wouldn't appear until then. I looked through LJ's FAQ section but haven't been able to find a solution.
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2014-01-31 10:45 am
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recently discovered poems by Sappho

There's an article about it at The Daily Beast. (As an aside, what's up with the facial expression of the seated person in the middle of the painting? Also, it looks like his neck is about to be broken by the man standing behind him.)

I hope this is true! It reminds me that I've been wanting to write/read a Company fic where Lewis goes to Ancient Greece and hangs out with Sappho so that he can preserve her writing.
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2014-01-12 08:38 am
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this made me smile so much

There was women's figure skating on TV last night, I think for choosing people for the U.S. Olympic team. I watched it off and on, but the last skater was a young woman about 18. The first thing that made me cheer was that she was skating to music from the "Sleeping Beauty" ballet. (God, I'm such a sucker for Tchaikovsky, I mean really.) She did a fantastic job, despite one little fumble and you could tell that she was happy as she was going along--there were a couple moments when she did that "shaking your fists in the air when you're happy" thing, though it was subtle in a "blink and you miss it" kind of way. At the end of the routing she was cheering too, and when she got the score putting her in first place she exploded with glee. So cute.

ETA: Found it! Her name is Gracie Gold and you can watch the routine I'm talking about on YouTube.
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2013-04-09 10:09 am
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logic has no place in daydreams

Earlier this months I found out that Hans Christian Andersen and Casanova had the same birthday: April 2. There's no way they ever could have met--their lifespans don't overlap by even one year. But I still want some sort of RPF where they interact. It would be complete crack, their personalities don't appear to be similar at all, but they were both writers and they both did a lot of traveling through Europe. Just thinking about it makes me giggle, as they would be completely and totally mismatched in terms of getting along.

On a related note, there's so much "next generation" historical fiction out there about the children (real or made-up) of famous people. Casanova must have fathered children, given his lifestyle. So where the hell is the fiction about "Casanova's daughter/son"? That would make for a highly entertaining novel.
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2013-03-19 07:54 pm
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no hugs for you

Kage Baker was really good at predicting human trends in the not-so-distant future sections of The Company series. Unfortunately, the world has once again proved her right.

While watching the evening news I heard about an elementary school that has effectively banned hugging. On school grounds, parents are allowed to hug only their own children. They are not allowed to hug other people's kids. Although not mentioned in the article, I believe the TV coverage said that teachers are not allowed to hug. They also mentioned that parents may not push other people's children on the swings.

Which brings me to Kage Baker. I can't recall the title, but in one of the earliest short stories about Alec Checkerfield he's very young and out in public with his family's butler. He's very upset because his parents and nanny are gone, and so he hugs the butler. Butler immediately freaks out and asks why Alec would hug him, doesn't he know what could happen, the butler isn't a relative and he hasn't been granted certification to hug, and he could go to jail for this, and what's wrong with you?

Yeah. That's now happening in real life.

Here's something about elementary school-aged kids: they like hugs. They like physical affection. They don't necessarily care if you're their parent. I volunteered at an elementary school library for a while and on several occasions, younger students (kindergarten or 1st grade) walked up and hugged me. They didn't know me and they didn't say a word, just walked up and stuck their arms out, hugged for a few minutes, and rejoined the class. The kids don't give a damn about this rule and I'm fairly sure many of them will be upset and confused about the limits on human contact.

This is happening at the same elementary school that suspended a student for making his Pop Tart gun-shaped, by the way.
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2012-12-11 05:49 pm
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friending meme

Even though it's been going for most of a week already, I found out about the friending meme and participated. It's on LJ and DW.
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2012-07-30 11:43 am
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But the sexual harasser said he was sorry!

I'm trying not to let steam come out of my ears while writing this. Earlier this month at Readercon (an event I had hoped to attend someday), author Genevieve Valentine was harassed on multiple occasions by a man later identified as Rene Walling. She first writes about it in her blog here. These incidents were also witnessed by friends who were with her at the time. She files a complaint with the Readercon board. At this point in the "story", Readercon had a "zero tolerance" policy towards harassment. One strike, and you're banned forever.

Rene Walling turns out to be something of a bigshot in the sci-fi/fantasy field. When contacted by Readercon's board (not the committee), he said he was sorry. Proper procedure at this point would have been to hold up the policy and ban him. He was suspended for two years.


Valentine reveals this decision also on her blog in this post. In the comments of the same post, a woman reveals that she had been harassed by Walling at multiple events.

This post contains a collection of links to various posts commenting on the Readercon board's decision. At least one committee member has resigned in protest. The only good thing I can see in this whole situation is that many people have spoken against the board and their actions.

Readercon posted their decision about Walling several days ago. I very much doubt they expected to gain almost 400 rightfully angry and disappointed comments (as of this morning). Many people have said they plan to never return to Readercon. I had to think for a day or so before I could think what to write. My comment on the board's post:

The lesson Rene Williams learned: He can get away with sexual harassment.

The lesson I learned: Because I am a woman, you do not care about my safety.

How can you be so horrible?

In addition, did you honestly think there would be no consequences following your decision? The current incidents has been posted about by Genevieve Valentine, an author with many readers of her blog, witnessed by people as the events were happening, and the harasser has been revealed to be a chronic predator. Did you really believe that you could suspend Williams for two years, make one announcement, and have this all swept under the rug? Aside from the appalling lack of morals in your decision to not follow the zero tolerance policy, this is supremely bad business sense. You could have believed Williams' victims and witnesses, followed your policy, and gained the approval (and attendance) of many people for making Readercon a safe space. Instead, you chose to appease one person and have gained the anger of hundreds. Look at how many comments this post alone has collected in only a few days. Think about how many of these people state an intention to stay away from Readercon. Earlier in the comments, an ethics professor has mentioned planning to use your decision as an example of "What not to do, EVER" in their class. Your disgusting actions are gaining notice both on and off the Internet. How much money will you lose from future cons and how much bad press will you get?

And you deserve every bit of it.

(Later commented to correct Williams to Walling.)
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2012-07-02 09:12 am
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wild theories, because why not

Today is the anniversary of the last time Amelia Earhart and her navigator were heard from as they were flying around the world. Here are some of my theories on what happened to them:

Abducted by aliens;
Airplane crashed into the Pacific Ocean and they drowned;
Airplane crashed onto an island where they either died or managed to get back to civilization;
Landed somewhere where other people were living and never got around to leaving;
Somebody wish that the goblins would take them away.
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2012-03-19 08:34 pm
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trying not to bang my head against the wall

The crap going on with laws about women's rights lately makes me want to scream. On a happier note, I have two recs about awesome women:

One is a vid of suffragettes set to "Bad Romance" by Lady Gaga, that I first saw through [ profile] meganbmoore It is so great!!! I'm particularly impressed with how well the women dance in period clothing.

[ profile] dollsome has started this:

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2012-02-24 10:05 am
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baptisms and astral marriage

I had a post to make with several fannish happy things that had happened lately, but then this came along and I want to write about it before I forget.

In today's newspaper there was a brief article stating that a whole lot of people are ticked off because the Church of Latter-Day Saints has posthumously baptized Anne Frank. I was later annoyed as well but first I was confused because the article was so brief and I didn't have any of the background information. Turns out the Mormon church is known for posthumously baptizing people because they think that if you aren't baptized a Mormon, you can't get into heaven. Yet if you're dead, you can still be baptized! ...what? Seriously, LDS--appropriating people who died as a result of the Holocaust (or any people in general) is not okay.

On a lighter reaction, the whole thing also reminds me of those nutty Harry Potter fans who claim to have married Snape on the astral plane.
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2011-12-23 02:38 pm
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on the most recent LJ shakeup

It seems that Internet companies will never learn the lesson "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" and the value of performing trial runs. I'm probably staying put on LJ for the time being, mostly because I'm too lazy to move (yes, I know that's not entirely a good quality. I'm also not the most tech-savvy person). If I did make any changes, it would be making a copy of my blog at Dreamwidth and cross-posting. I'm trying to keep up on the news but there's so much of it. I heard something about DW offering new journal codes through the end of the year. Does this mean that if I wanted to create a DW account as of January 1, 2012, that I would have to pay a fee?
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2011-12-11 01:46 pm
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being a sheep

I've never done one of these before, but it's been a crap year (more on that later) and I could use some cheering up. Here's my thread at the love meme.
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2011-11-25 10:12 am
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after watching the news

To everyone who accidentally or intentionally causes physical harm to another person during Black Friday shopping,

Don't be an ass.

No love,

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2011-11-18 12:48 pm
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changes to youtube

Dear Youtube,

Yes, I have a gmail account. This does not mean that I want you to log me into youtube automatically. If I wanted an account with your website, I would create one. As it is, I try to log off every time I go onto your website now. I do not want you to choose to keep track of my viewing history and "suggest" other videos that I might like. When will you and other internet "giants" learn to make features opt-in instead of opt-out?

No love,