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I had a post to make with several fannish happy things that had happened lately, but then this came along and I want to write about it before I forget.

In today's newspaper there was a brief article stating that a whole lot of people are ticked off because the Church of Latter-Day Saints has posthumously baptized Anne Frank. I was later annoyed as well but first I was confused because the article was so brief and I didn't have any of the background information. Turns out the Mormon church is known for posthumously baptizing people because they think that if you aren't baptized a Mormon, you can't get into heaven. Yet if you're dead, you can still be baptized! ...what? Seriously, LDS--appropriating people who died as a result of the Holocaust (or any people in general) is not okay.

On a lighter reaction, the whole thing also reminds me of those nutty Harry Potter fans who claim to have married Snape on the astral plane.

Date: 2012-02-24 04:46 pm (UTC)
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It's been an on-and-off issue for a while. I've seen accounts in which it has divided a family - the member with genealogical records refusing to give that information to a Mormon convert because they'd be used for posthumous baptisms.

I can follow why, if you sincerely believe in Mormonism, this is a good thing: you're making sure all these people who didn't have a chance in life can still get into heaven. But it completely fails to consider that people may NOT believe in Mormonism.


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