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Turns out it's a good thing that I read a number of Tumblr blogs despite not having an account, or I never would have heard of this. Ebooks Tree is a website claiming to have free ebooks for download (though it turns out there's some financial skeeviness involved if you try to sign up for a membership). Turns out they've taken a lot of fan fic from AO3 and posted it without the authors' permission, as well as original published fiction.

Thankfully all of the AO3 stuff seems to have been taken down in the past couple of days (they even seem to have had my self-published book on there, the assholes). Still, I thought it would be good to do a post about this in case anybody reads my blog and hasn't seen what happened on Tumblr.

Diane Duane has a very useful post on how to search for your writing online in case it's been pirated elsewhere.

A discussion at FFA.

A post by the OTW/AO3 folks on the situation when it was happening with helpful information on how to fill in a DCMA takedown notice.
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Yesterday I finished watching My Neighbor Totoro. HOW IS IT POSSIBLE FOR A MOVIE TO BE THIS ADORABLE? Between the sootballs, and the different totoros, and when spoilers ), I was dying of adorable overload. Also: THE CAT BUS OMG THE CAT BUS!!! CAN I RIDE ON THE CAT BUS, PLEASE? Partway through the movie it started reminding me of Appa from Avatar: The Last Airbender. I wonder if it's been confirmed whether or not the A:TLA team saw Totoro.

Last night I was still giggling over The Cat Returns and...I started writing fic. My current summary:

Haru had sworn she was done with the Cat Kingdom forever. She didn't even spend time with any cats on a regular basis, except for Baron and Muta. But all that changed when Prince Lune and Yuki's kitten literally fell into her lap.

I don't know what the main conflict is yet, but I have Haru going on and on in my head about how she doesn't like cats NOT AT ALL and she is definitely not dealing with the Cat Kingdom again because does anybody remember how they tried to TURN HER INTO A CAT LAST TIME, seriously how do you expect her to put up with more of that nonsense but now she has this kitten to deal with and STOP PURRING DAMMIT, SERIOUSLY STOP BEING SO CUTE, no I DON'T like you, no I am NOT going to rub your belly and...oh, Hell, FINE, Baron, I'll help.
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I'm struggling with revising an original fiction scene, so it's time to distract myself with LJ. I LOVE writing crossovers. And for some reason, almost every "Bloody Jack" plot bunny I come up with involves a crossover or historical figures. I posted about this a while back, but here's an updated list of the things I want to write. Some are historically plausible; others fall into the "crack fic" category.


Brothers Grimm

Louisa May Alcott

Jane Austen/her characters

Mary Shelley

Washington Irving/his characters

Mark Twain

The Scarlet Pimpernel

Montmaray Journals by Michelle Cooper

Frenchman’s Creek by Daphne du Maurier

The Prisoner of Zenda by Anthony Hope

Johnny Appleseed

Cowboy Bebop

Muppet Treasure Island
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Taken from multiple people:

I currently have 55 works archived at the AO3. Pick a number from 1 (the most recent) to 55 (the first thing I posted there), and I’ll tell you three things I currently like about it.
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Parts of the following make me want to shake my head and other parts make me want to laugh hysterically.

Amazon has decided to create something called Kindle Worlds, which will allow people to publish fan fiction for profit without being sued over copyright violations. (But not porn! No fanfic porn allowed! That's the main part that had me laughing.) I won't get into extreme amounts of detail here about how Kindle Worlds works, as [ profile] cleolinda has a good write-up and [ profile] ashkitty has written a post containing links to reactions from several authors.

One of the main reactions I had to this is why the hell would anybody pay money for fan fiction when they can already get it for free at any of thousands of websites online?

My other problem is with copyright issues. My understanding (having looked at the issue only briefly so far) is that Amazon would hold the copyright to anything you published on Kindle Worlds and their company could use it to make money without asking for your permission or providing compensation. I also don't see how they're going to keep up with getting permission from every author/scriptwriter/TV company/whoever who has created something that another person wants to publish fan fiction of. I'm also nervous about Amazon expanding their dragon hold on copyright to works published on regular Kindle. I'm likely to end up self-publishing at least once in my lifetime. I had planned to issue a Kindle edition (among other formats on other companies' websites, such as the Nook) since there are so many Kindle users (a better chance for sales and readership) but I'm definitely not interested in handing over all rights to Amazon forever.


Dec. 1st, 2012 05:08 pm
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I have a novel in progress, my yuletide fic to do, and I just got some work done on a new Bloody Jack fic. Of course I have free time for a meme! (I love these things.)

Tell me about a story I haven't written, and I'll give you one sentence from that story.

My additions: possibly more than one sentence, and I'm open for fan fic or original fiction.
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1. OMG there is a full-time library position in my area and it would be perfect and it's a Library Clerk not Librarian but I want this and so help me I have to believe I WILL get this job!!!

2. I'm underemployed, working just a few days each week at my seasonal job and every day I get at least one thing done on my To Do list, I count as a success.

3. I just queried two more literary agents.

4. I went to a Renaissance Faire last weekend. My favorite act is the comedy duo Don Juan and Miguel. There show involves whip tricks, somewhat bawdy comedy, and this year they made 50 Shades of Gray jokes. I died laughing.
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Even though I'm still anxious to finish my original novel, it seems that writing and posting my first fic since Yuletide flipped my "must write all the fic now!" switch. And I'm glad of it. Turns out the other switch that got flipped is "must give the world more Jacky Faber fic!" So here are excerpts from all my Bloody Jack stories currently in progress.

Bloody Jack/Ranma 1/2 crack crossover:
As much as he loves her, Jaimy has to admit that Jacky is not always good for his mental health and emotional well-being.

Amy getting her inner journalist on after the events of "In the Belly of the Bloodhound":
One does not try to argue what Jacky Faber should or should not have done. That way lies madness. More pressing are the facts that Amy’s classmates appear ready to wage war upon England and Amy would like to join them.

Bloody Jack/Zorro crossover:
“Black is a good choice,” Jacky says to Don Diego. “It melts into the shadows when necessary and is dramatic enough to help steal the hearts of young ladies—isn’t that right dearest?” she adds to her husband.

“It was an unintentional result,” he says dryly.
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I've seen this meme multiple times but most recently it comes from netgirl_y2k

Pick a story I've written, and comment to this post with it. I will then give you a DVD commentary on that fic: what I was thinking when I wrote it, why I wrote it in the first place, what's going on in the character's heads, why I chose certain words, what this moment means in the context of the rest of the fic, lots of awful puns, and anything else that you'd expect to find on a DVD commentary track.

The change I made is that I'm impatient and didn't feel like waiting for responses, so I went ahead and chose to write about "A Lost Child in a Forgotten Tale", my El laberinto del fauno/Labyrinth crossover. Feel free to pick any other fics for me to do commentary on, if you feel like it.

thoughts on Ofelia's story, Labryinth, and fairy tales )
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Hooray! I've gotten a full-time job that pays above minimum wage and is related to my field. I don't think it'll be a lifelong career job, but it's a job. I start Monday.

This has prompted the mental state of MUST GET ALL MY WRITING DONE NOW BEFORE STARTING TO WORK FULL-TIME IN JUST A FEW DAYS MUST GET WRITING DONE NOW WHY CAN I NOT WRITE FASTER. (More specifically, I'm several chapters of revision away from finishing the latest draft of my novel that I want my writing group to review. I also still have several things to put away and others to unpack from when I moved just over a month ago.)

...and then of course for most of today I had Writer's Block. Got through maybe 200 words. Of course.
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Ramblings on story ideas for [ profile] au_bingo are behind the cut to spare the people on my f-list who aren't into fan fic.

spoilers for some fandoms within )
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The last day of my personal writing project was yesterday. I tallied up my numbers this morning. With a starting goal of 50,000 words in 30 days, I made it to around 19,900 words. I hadn't expected to make it but I thought I'd do better than that. Still, I had a lot of fun and was way more productive than usual.

ramblings on word breakdowns and commentary behind cut )
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Dear Yuletide Santa,

This is my first time doing Yuletide; I'm very excited. I hope my requests were written well enough to start giving you ideas for stories. I’ve never seen any fics for most of the fandoms I requested (and I haven’t yet written any myself), so in general anything in them will make me happy. I haven’t produced much fan fiction but if you click on the tag to the right for “fan fiction” you’ll be able to see what I’ve posted. Somehow most of it ends up being humor. I do love funny fic but the other genres are wonderful, too. I do like some characters more than others (names are given in the following sections) but I am good with stories not involving these characters if you can’t think of anything involving them, or the suggested prompts don’t work for you.

My requests:

Peter S Beagle - Tamsin )

Elizabeth Hand - Mortal Love )

Robert Holdstock - Mythago Wood series )

Elizabeth Kostova - The Historian )

Have fun! I look forward to reading your story.
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I love work-study. Today I got paid to write fan fiction. I originally thought the "study" part meant "study a new job" but it means "When there's no work to do in the office, study or do your homework." I also have a computer to use. This afternoon I hadn't brought any homework with me and there wasn't much work to do, so...time for non-nanowrimo! And it was insanelyfunny!fic, which made it even better. I hope to finish the story by the end of tomorrow (even though there's still plenty of homework to be done). It was a good afternoon.

I can't wait to sign up for yuletide.
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Have been doing lost of good writing these past few days. Strictly speaking I'm still far behind where I should be but I'm having fun along the way. I'm trying to get as many completed first drafts done as possible, then once this is over I'll get to editing. Still just fan fiction that I've been working on so far. When I get stuck on one project, I jump to another.
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It's Day 9 and I've gotten down about only 3,200 words out of 50,000. Whoops! Still, I'm having fun. Anything that gets me a little more motivated is useful. I have a lot of homework to do this week but few things actually scheduled, so maybe that'll help.

Last weekend I returned to my home city for a Halloween party thrown by friends. We do theme parties; this year it was Heroes and Villains. I went as Super-Librarian. ("Able to leap tall bookshelves in a single bound! Fastest shelver of books! Bounty hunter of people who don't pay their library fines!") Good times.
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The original plan was to participate in NaNoWriMo. Recently I decided to do yuletide for the first time year, which would mean starting a short story at the same time I'm trying to write a novel in one month. Okay, I thought, and changed the idea to writing 50,000 words of fiction on anything during the month of November. Then a couple days ago I got an idea for a story that I'd like to have posted for Halloween. So I'm amending my version of NaNoWriMo even further.

The goal: 50,000 words of writing in 30 days, starting today. Fiction, poetry, creative essays. If I really get stuck near the end I might start including writing in my paper journal. Work on my novel and revisions on previous stories won't be included unless I write giant sections that weren't there before. I very seriously doubt I'll make it, but I need something to get my creative juices flowing. It would make more sense to do this in November proper, when I'm not stressing about classes for the spring and planning a trip this weekend, but I'm doing it anyway. I feel like being ridiculous at the moment. Best-case scenario: you'll have several fics from me in the near future (starting with the one for Halloween. I'd really like to finish that in time). Worst-case scenario: you'll be amused or annoyed by continuous cryptic ramblings of a writer's-blocked mind.

ETA: Wrote over 900 words in longhand this afternoon/evening. Not a bad start.
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I'm feeling pretty good today, after having revised about 2,800 words of a novel this evening. For a person whose goal was to write 400 words each day on the same project while in its first draft, that's doing pretty well. Nothing too exciting for you to hear, but I wanted to share while I still felt happy about it. Depending on how things are going with grad school in the fall, I may participate in NaNoWriMo (maybe this time I'll finally last longer than one week!). Has anybody else here done it as well? Or, if other projects are going well, I might just declare my personal NaNoWriMo this summer.

There's not much else to say but I want to try to post on LJ more often, instead of just commenting on other people's entries. I'll try to come up with more entertaining things later on.


Dec. 17th, 2007 08:46 pm
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Aha! 300+ words written tonight on my on-again, off-again novel. (This thing has been going for almost five years now, and I'm not even halfway through. Must finish it.) I think it was all the snow this past weekend that got the Muse moving. Sorry to be a tease for not giving any details because I'm plan to have it published, but I couldn't resist being joyful.
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On LJ's new policy about adult content: this can't possibly end well.

On a happier note, earlier this week in class I got an idea on how to rewrite the beginning of my novel so that it will (hopefully) grab the reader right away. Yay! (Several days later: so far, so good. Now I just have to finish the rest of the story!)

I recently read Who's Afraid of Beowulf? by Tom Holt. Beowulf does not appear; instead, an archaeologist in England finds a ship burial, which turns out to have a dozen Vikings sleeping in it. It took me several tries to get into this book, but I'm glad I finally did. Surprisingly, there wasn't as much "culture shock" from the Vikings as you'd expect. (Hey, I'm getting deja vu writing this.)
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