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Recently I saw a movie in which one--just one!--brief scene takes place in an archives. Our hero has gone there to do research about a magical object. After being told which area of the archives to visit, we next see him at a table with fragile, one-of-a-kind records spread out across the table in front of him. And what does the archivist/Reference Desk person/random person in charge do? SHE WANDERS OVER WITH A FULL CUP OF COFFEE AND SETS IT DOWN NEXT TO ALL THE IRREPLACEABLE RECORDS, THAT'S WHAT SHE GODDAMN DOES, LADY YOU ARE FIRED IMMEDIATELY.

Flames on the sides of my face.
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At work I recently received an activity kit for a storytime that I will have next week. One of the items included is an owl puppet. I'm having trouble resisting the urge to act out "Labyrinth".
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Hooray! I've gotten a full-time job that pays above minimum wage and is related to my field. I don't think it'll be a lifelong career job, but it's a job. I start Monday.

This has prompted the mental state of MUST GET ALL MY WRITING DONE NOW BEFORE STARTING TO WORK FULL-TIME IN JUST A FEW DAYS MUST GET WRITING DONE NOW WHY CAN I NOT WRITE FASTER. (More specifically, I'm several chapters of revision away from finishing the latest draft of my novel that I want my writing group to review. I also still have several things to put away and others to unpack from when I moved just over a month ago.)

...and then of course for most of today I had Writer's Block. Got through maybe 200 words. Of course.


Jun. 16th, 2011 04:38 pm
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I have just seen a job application stating that potential and current employees may be required to take a polygraph/other lie detector test. (For current employees, I'm assuming this is only if you're genuinely suspected of wrongdoing. I'm not sure if all potential employees have to take one before hiring.) And that you may have to pay a fine if you "violate[s] this provision."

...that's a new one.

ETA: I am a dimwit but a happy one. I misread the application--it says that the employers are not allowed to do this to current or future employees. I r smrt. Really.
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Once again, a temp position has ended earlier than it was supposed to (not because of anything I did but it's over all the same). Back to writing, the Career Job Hunt, and fretting about the bills while they find another position for me.


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