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Thanks God I got this done before Season 2 starts airing. Time for a look at the other characters! Cut tags for spoilers still apply.

There are several parallels between the Dean and Akio. read more )

Perry is Wakaba, if anyone. They just want everything to be normal, normal, normal. Sorry, but that’s not happening.

Danny could be Juri. They’re both tall, badass redheads. On a non-Utena note, Danny says in Episode 7 that the Summer Society has an annual Adonis Festival and Hunt. Now I want to write fic about that, or fic where the Summer Society engages in Bacchic celebrations during which they engage in Maenad-type behavior. It goes badly whenever any Zeta boys try to infiltrate.

Will is Touga—they’re both sleazy minions.

I’m not sure that LaFontaine and Kirsch have character equivalents. Kirsch isn’t always very bright but he’s too nice to be Saionji.

Silas University and Ohtori Academy are also far too much alike for comfort. read more )
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Meta time! Have my thoughts on all the similarities between Revolutionary Girl Utena and Carmilla (just the web series, not the book). This ended up split into multiple posts, because it got really long. Major spoilers for both works are behind the cuts. Also, excuse any times when I’m a bit vague about elements from Utena because it’s been a couple of years since the last time I watched it.

Let’s start with our leading ladies, because Laura and Carmilla are so much like Utena and Anthy that it’s not even funny.

Laura and Utena )

Carmilla and Anthy )
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I've really got to get a Utena icon one of these days. Anyway...

You already know about the literal lyric music video for Total Eclipse of the Heart, right? Somebody took the audio and used it to make a Utena fanvid. I CAN'T STOP WATCHING IT.

Fan Fiction
Archimage by Jude

The super-long, epically awesome, post-series fic you've been searching for. Anthy and Utena have reunited outside Ohtori, but even years later they encounter the other duelists and return to Ohtori with a strong desire to kick Akio's ass. Guys, this fic made me like Nanami and Saionji. HOW THE HELL DID THAT HAPPEN? It also feature Anthy as an in-character badass. I'm glad I didn't discover it until recently, since I heard it was a WIP for 10 years.

What's More Dangerous Than Cruising an LA Freeway? by DB Sommer

Set during that episode when Wakaba gets Utena out of the way so that she can go for a ride in the Akio-mobile. (Author says it's during Episode 30.) I can't say anything more than Wakaba is completely and totally awesome, because that would spoil the surprise.
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I love the tumblr Utena: Texts from Last Night to begin with, but this post is making me cry with laughter.
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Drosselmeyer and Akio. No way in hell should those two ever get together and cook up schemes.
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I'm re-watching the first few episodes of Utena and some things popped up in my head. I may or may not use them in writing fic at some point.

Utena claims to wear a boy's uniform but no boy at Ohtori ever wears a uniform resembling hers! I want to play with this.

What if the student council members had to run for election? Hilarity ensues.

It would be funny if duels were used to settle all disagreements at Ohtori (ex. deciding which student has to clean the blackboards).

Regarding the Rose Bride costume: How do those cuffs stay put on Anthy's wrists?

Would Anthy beep when going through a metal detector?

Specific to Episode 1:
Utena consults a copy of the student rule book when a teacher hassles her about not wearing a girl's uniform. What kinds of "weird" rules might Akio have slipped in?

Wakaba says her mother told her she was the Onion Princess as a little girl. What if Wakaba really was the Onion Princess?
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While poking around the internet I found this photo:

Officially it's from a Shakespeare in the Park production of "Twelfth Night" a few years back. But...Utena cosplay, anyone? You have Anthy with the sword, Utena, and...I'm not sure who the man could be. Touga? I'm sure he'd like to be in that position, at any rate.
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Title: Roses and Swords

Fandoms: Revolutionary Girl Utena and El laberinto del fauno/Pan’s Labyrinth
Summary: A princess meets a witch.
Disclaimer: I don’t own either Utena or Pan’s Labyrinth.
Author’s Notes: Most of my Utena crossovers are written with the intent of being as silly as possible. This…is not one of them.

there is not much difference between a princess and a witch )
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I don't read many tumblr accounts but recently I discovered Revolutionary Girl Utena: Texts From Last Night. The creator takes texts from a website called "Texts From Last Night" and pairs them up with screenshots from Utena.

I can't get enough of it; I zoomed through the whole archive in a couple of days. Most are hysterically funny and a few are so bittersweet that I almost started tearing up.
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I found this one while wandering around LJ:

Write 10 different categories of fic, each in 10 words or less.

Revolutionary Girl Utena!

not all revolutions work out )
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Title: Revolution, Take Two

Fandoms: Gilmore Girls/Revolutionary Girl Utena
Word Count: approx. 960
Summary: End of the World’s decision to move the duels to Chilton wasn’t his best idea.
Disclaimer: I don’t own either Gilmore Girls or Utena.
Author’s Notes: Timelines: takes place post-Utena anime series and during Season 3 in Gilmore Girls (senior year at Chilton).

those rings really don't go with the Chilton uniform )
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Title: The Rose Summoning
Fandoms: The Keeper's Chronicles by Tanya Huff/Revolutionary Girl Utena
Genres: Crossover, Crack
Word Count: approx. 440
Summary: Diana and Sam have to close a hole in Japan
Notes: This goes back to a discussion with ryfkah about how Utena is one of those fandoms that can seemingly be crossed over with anything. Technically contains spoilers through the end of The Keeper Chronicles but it's all out of context.
Disclaimer: I own neither The Keeper's Chronicles or Utena.

this ended up being far more logical than it deserves )


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