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I'm reviewing TSA guidelines in preparation for a trip later this week and I thought you'd be pleased to know that their "What Can I Bring?: Miscellaneous" list states Harry Potter wands are permitted in a carry-on bag. It's good to know that the U.S. Government, despite its many flaws, at least supports any fights against Death Eaters.

Antlers, a live lobster, and putty balls are also items approved for carry-on.
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1. I finally started the "import LJ to DW" process. I'll only be posting to DW after this but at this time I don't plan on deleting my LJ account since there's still one community I participate in.

2. Finally had my appointment today to see a specialist because of a clogged ear due to ear wax, which became even worse (constant feeling of pressure and difficulty hearing) after a first attempt at flushing it out at my regular doctor. How is this fixed, you might ask? In my case, basically by vacuuming out the ear wax. It was weird as hell and uncomfortable, but not painful and now I can hear again.

3. I clapped like a seal and cheered when I heard that Bill O'Reilly got fired. I'll take any victory we can get.

4. Flowers and trees are blooming everywhere and it makes me feel a lot better.

5. It's so hard making time to write these days. One of the only things I miss about my schedule from the work environment from hell was that I could get up and spend an hour writing before doing anything else a couple of days each week. I'm too tired on weeknights now and I don't always succeed at writing on the weekends. Trying to figure out a solution.
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Seeing photos of the Chicago River dyed green reminds me of the time I held a children's program on St. Patrick's Day at the library: before they arrived I put green food coloring in the water for snacktime. This backfired when almost every child (Elementary school age) refused to drink it because the teachers had done the same stunt in the toilets earlier that day, saying that green water was leprechaun pee.
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Things I've done since my last post just over a month ago:

My February charity donation went to the Standing Rock DAPL protest fund.

Called Chris Collins' office to state that I disagree with his decision not to hold town hall meetings. He's been an asshole about it. I want to make myself a polite pain in the butt by calling his office constantly as a result but haven't been able to work my way up to it yet.

I submitted a comment on the European Union's website asking them not to require visas of American just wanting to visit EU countries.

That sums it up. I had unexpected time off from work the past couple days and I wanted to call my representatives' offices since it would be easy for me to call during the day for once. But I couldn't decide what to call about and it's too late now. But I did get some knitting done on a scarf I plan on donating to charity or a homeless shelter.
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Thank you to everybody who posts about what they've been doing for activism. It helps me to keep going.

I'm proud of myself that I've made several calls to representatives over the past month, but it's all been to voicemail. It's hard for me to make any personal calls during the day. I worry that the messages are just being deleted but it's all I can do with making calls for now. I was able to make four this morning about Bannon--three to my Congressmen and one to the Senate Committee for Homeland Security. I really do feel glad for doing that but I wish it was more.

I started donating money each month since November. It's only a little but I'm always so scared about spending money after the times when I was just getting by or having to dip into my savings each month. I tell myself I need to be ready for a (metaphorical) marathon but I still feel guilty.

I have a family gathering this weekend. I want to see my relatives but I've been worrying for the past few days that somebody's going to start talking about politics because if they do, it's likely to be supportive of Trump. And I'll just have to seethe through it and keep myself together for the several-hours drive home. Really hoping that doesn't happen.


Jan. 28th, 2017 10:27 am
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After turning on my computer today and watching some of the morning news:

--John Hurt is dead
--Trump's presidential twitter account is registered with a Gmail address and not well-secured
--Trump bans refugees from majority Muslim countries on Holocaust Remembrance Day

From yesterday:

--Trump continues to insist that American's won't pay for the border wall and Mexico will, despite Mexico's president repeatedly saying "WTF, no we won't, what's the matter with you?" and cancelling an official trip to the U.S.

Fuck it all, I'm making tea.
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This country fucked up. It really fucked up.

ETA: And apparently this disaster is happening during the anniversarry of Kristallnacht. You can't make this shit up.
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I got up early this morning and am drinking a cup of strong tea in preparation for going out to vote. The line shouldn't be too long because I live in a more-or-less rural area, but I'm mentally preparing myself just in case. Also, I'm bringing a book and music along. This is one of the times when my frustrating work schedule comes in handy--because I don't have to be there until later in the day, it gives me plenty of time to vote this morning. Good luck to everybody else who's going out!
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I have been drinking wine throughout the second presidential debate and it's been very helpful. Though I probably should have had twice the amount of wine by now.
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Some good things, before I end up posting again about annoying life things:

Spring is almost here and there are flowers;
The sock I'm knitting (first of a pair) is looking great;
I'm still finding time to get writing done;
Tax refunds came!;

hello there

Jan. 5th, 2016 09:32 am
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2015 was good to me in a lot of ways but one of the things I want to do differently this year is post here more often. I check my Friends page just about every day but almost never posted last year because I felt like I didn't have anything to say. Which is ridiculous, because I still have plenty of fannish thoughts. I mean to sign up on DW and cross-post too, since people are more active there than on LJ. (I've known that for ages, I've just resisted doing it because I'm lazy and don't want to deal with creating YET ANOTHER online account.) Maybe I'll set a goal of posting at least once a month.

But I still have a lot to say about Season 2 of Carmilla, and I want to write more fanfiction this year (though I'm not exactly complaining, I got a hell of a lot of original writing done last year!), and I finally own a copy of Sioned Davies's translation of the Mabinogion, which I am super excited about. Bring on the Welsh mythology and medieval lit! I've made it through the various Introductions and now I can get to the stories themselves. Maybe I'll liveblog my reading, I haven't decided.
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Today I lost any self-control I ever had at the farmer's stand and bought a four-quart container of peaches. My kitchen table now makes me look like the (drug) supplier for the Labyrinth!

I really need to get back to work on that fic about a shortage of peaches...
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So damn angry about Ferguson.

good times

Jun. 30th, 2013 11:42 am
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Conversation this morning:

My mother: The TV guide says there's going to be a show on tonight about the secrets of Henry VIII's palaces.
Me: The secret is that women's bodies are buried in the walls.


May. 13th, 2013 11:34 am
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I'm generally bad at remembering my dreams but last night I had one that ended with me poisoning a guy in his apartment/hotel room (I think I left him in the bathtub?) and then trying to scrub clean everything I touched, so that I wouldn't leave any evidence and could get away with it. I know the man was an asshole who had it coming but for the life of me I can't remember what happened leading up to it.

What the hell was I doing in my dreams last night?!
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We made out all right where I am. Some people lost power during the storm but it's mostly a case of some messy roads here and there. When I woke up this morning there were some sections of blue sky and almost no wind. Surprise! If the weather's still calm later, I might drive to one of the piers on Lake Ontario and see how things look.


Recently my parents were at a conference where they received a number of party favors. My mother showed me something that looks like a metal barrel pen, but it unscrews to show screwdriver tips in the inside, which can be attached to the "pen's" tip. If you click the top end, a flashlight comes on. All I could think is, "somebody's trying to create sonic screwdrivers".


As Halloween is coming, I've been skimming through the PotO novel. The part where Christine is telling Raoul about her first abduction by the Phantom is hair-raising. But this is the part that cracks me up:

Context: Raoul, who's a pretty ridiculous guy in the Leroux novel, hears of the Angel of Music and thinks that Christine is cheating on him. ("As for Christine, she was a brazen, satanically deceitful creature.") He runs home and--I can't recap this, you get the direct excerpt. "When he went into his room, he thought only of throwing himself on the bed and stifling his sobs. But his brother Philippe was there, and Raoul let himself fall into his arms, like a baby."

I love this book.
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1. OMG there is a full-time library position in my area and it would be perfect and it's a Library Clerk not Librarian but I want this and so help me I have to believe I WILL get this job!!!

2. I'm underemployed, working just a few days each week at my seasonal job and every day I get at least one thing done on my To Do list, I count as a success.

3. I just queried two more literary agents.

4. I went to a Renaissance Faire last weekend. My favorite act is the comedy duo Don Juan and Miguel. There show involves whip tricks, somewhat bawdy comedy, and this year they made 50 Shades of Gray jokes. I died laughing.
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I would like to start this off my stating that I refuse to spoiler for historical events that happened 100 years ago.

Yesterday my parents were to a musical about the Titanic. When they got home:

Me: How was the play?
My mother: It was really good.
Me: Did everybody still die at the end?

Secondly, I loved the first two episodes of Legend of Korra but I'm not always going to be around the TV at 11 on Saturday morning and so I missed the 3rd episode. Does anybody know if this series is playing online? (I had hopes that Nickelodeon would be at least briefly posting episodes on their website like other stations are doing, but I couldn't find anything more than clips.)

ETA on Korra: Never mind, just found out through white_lotus that Nick is posting episodes for North American viewers; I just happened to look too early yesterday! I also have a plot bunny for a brief humor fic in which Korra meets King Bumi.
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My mother and I got home from our road trip through western NY and the Pittsburgh area of Pennsylvania yesterday. Overall it was a good trip. The only bad part was when I hit a television while driving on the expressway. From a distance it looked like just a patch of tar and once I realized what it was, we were too close to avoid it. Fortunately, it bounced away from the car instead of going under it and I didn't cause a multi-car accident. The only damage seems to be a dented license plate, but we're having our mechanic take a look to make sure none of the TV parts got lodged up beneath the engine.

I mentioned the Carnegie Museums earlier. It's actually four museums but two of them, the museums of Natural History and Art are in connected buildings and you only have to pay one admission fee! I've been there several times but I hadn't been able to visit in at least three years. This time I spent about four blissful hours wandering around the museum and still didn't see anything. I managed to resist buying anything in the gift shops, although I almost caved in when I saw they had black and gold plushies of Bast and Anubis!

While driving, we mostly listened to CDs. We have a tradition that's been going on since I was about 8: when we're on a road trip, we listen to Phantom of the Opera, analyzing the crazy characters and the plot. We've been doing this for so long, I can't always remember what's canon and what's our own personal fanon. For your entertainment, here are some of our conclusions this time around:

spoilers behind cut )

I also have the soundtrack for Disney's Sleeping Beauty. I have many issues with Disney and their fairy tale movies, but I'm in love with the music. (Tchaikovsky fangirls, unite!) We do the same thing to this movie, although not as often. Reactions during this listening:

more spoilers! )

As my mother likes PotO, I thought "Why not?" and had her listen to Elisabeth for the first time. Neither of us knows German, but I've read enough English-language synopses to know the basic plot and I thought she'd enjoy the music. (My recording has Maya Hakvoort as Elisabeth and Mate Kamaras as Death. I also just want to say that I will be forever grateful to people on my f-list for introducing me to awesome foreign-language musicals.) It's also more of a highlights collection rather than the whole musical. I really got Mom's attention when I said, "You know that while dress they put Christine into in PotO during "Think of Me"? That's based on a dress the real Elisabeth wore!"

(I did take one semester of German when I was in college but the professor annoyed me so much that I purposefully forgot almost everything I learned. I probably would've been more invested if I had known about Elisabeth and Tanz der Vampire.)

I was able to provide a fairly good summary of what was taking place as we listened, though a few times I had to say, "[Character] is singing but I don't really have an idea of what's going on in this song." I also gave a running commentary on the historical background and what parts made it into the musical. While talking about Elisabeth's marriage, her family, and her love/hate relationship with Death, Mom asked at one point, "So is Death Rudolph's father?" I laughed really hard. I also had to say often, "Look, these people have issues."

I also want to introduce her to the German-language musical adaptation of Rebecca, because she loves the original novel and Hitchcock film. Any suggestions on websites or Youtube clips?

There were a few rough moments (aside from the near-car crash) but overall it was a good trip.
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Packing up over half of my apartment today went better than I expected but around 6 pm I ran out of decision-making ability for the day. At this point, I'm counting down the minutes until I turn into that Junk Lady from Labyrinth.

(I also expect to be scarce on the Internet for the next couple days: my Internet is turning off sometime tomorrow and once I finish moving this weekend, there's a lot of unpacking that I need to do right away.)
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