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With Jacky's love of theatrics and time spent in Paris, I now desperately want an x-over with Phantom of the Opera. The ALW musical takes place in 1881, so it's too late for Jacky herself to turn up, but she and Jamie could have a grandchild who's into acting and ends up at the Opera. He or she could team up with one of Lisette's grandkids! Hijinks ensue.
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I just found out that Hulu has all of Cowboy Bebop available. Marathon time! I still need to write that Cowboy Bebop/Bloody Jack Adventures crossover someday.
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OKAY, LET'S DO THIS. I finished reading Wild Rover No More and I have definite Thoughts.

cut because of series-ending spoilers and because this gets LONG )

I'm glad that this book was a good one, since L.A. Meyer has died and it's probably the last we'll see of Jacky unless his wife or whoever his literary executor is has more material that ends up published in the future. (Earlier this year Meyer commented on one of the threads on the Bloody Jack message boards--I can't remember which one it was right now--talking about a novel he'd written in the BJ universe that features Jacky traveling in time to California[?] during the Summer of Love. I still can't decide if he was trolling or not.)
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iTunes finally has soundtracks for most (all?) of Studio Ghibli's movies available! I have iTunes give cards!

The newest Bloody Jack book, Wild Rover No More is available and I have a library copy in my hands!

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THE NEWEST BLOODY JACK BOOK IS OUT! THE NEWEST BLOODY JACK BOOK IS OUT!!! It's titled Wild Rover No More and I can't wait to get my hands on it. I'm sad because L.A. Meyer has died and this will likely be the last Jacky novel, unless he had enough other material completed and his wife (or whoever's in charge of his literary estate) publishes it posthumously. On the Bloody Jack boards he did mention having a lengthy side novel completed about Jacky and her pirating ways. He also posted a snippet that featured Jacky traveling forward in time to Woodstock. I can't decide if he was trolling or not.

But did I mention that THERE'S A NEW BLOODY JACK BOOK!
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I was going to write "It's a sad day" for the subject line, but then I found out he passed away a few weeks ago. I found out about it when I visited the Bloody Jack message board today, thought it was a hoax, and then sadly found Meyer's obituary.

ETA: Publisher's Weekly also has a really nice obit.
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I'm struggling with revising an original fiction scene, so it's time to distract myself with LJ. I LOVE writing crossovers. And for some reason, almost every "Bloody Jack" plot bunny I come up with involves a crossover or historical figures. I posted about this a while back, but here's an updated list of the things I want to write. Some are historically plausible; others fall into the "crack fic" category.


Brothers Grimm

Louisa May Alcott

Jane Austen/her characters

Mary Shelley

Washington Irving/his characters

Mark Twain

The Scarlet Pimpernel

Montmaray Journals by Michelle Cooper

Frenchman’s Creek by Daphne du Maurier

The Prisoner of Zenda by Anthony Hope

Johnny Appleseed

Cowboy Bebop

Muppet Treasure Island
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(Caveat: I have not read the original "Treasure Island" by Robert Louis Stevenson.)

Recently I scored a free VHS of "Muppet Treasure Island" and I've watched it at least three times in the past week. While watching it again this evening I started thinking about Jacky Faber's adventures with piracy, especially in "Under the Jolly Roger" when she's becoming familiar with the joys of piracy privateering and I realize that a Bloody Jack/Muppet Treasure Island fic is something I need in my life, RIGHT NOW. Especially a fic where Jacky and Long John Silver Curry are knocking back drinks (but nothing in a romantic sense).
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Title: Selections from the Professional Correspondence of Amy Trevelyne, 19th Century American Author

Fandom: Bloody Jack
Word Count: 2,100
Summary: AKA, Amy’s fan mail.
Disclaimer and Notes: I am sorry to say that I still do not own any of the characters from “Bloody Jack”. My thanks to [ profile] bookelfe for beta-reading.

I firmly believe that Amy Trevelyne has fangirls and at least a few fanboys of her own )
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According to Wikipedia, Boston has been doing a St. Patrick's Day parade since 1804. Jacky leaves Boston for the first time early in that same year and she has been back multiple times since then (I think the most recent book takes place in 1808 or 1809). Bloody Jack St. Patrick's hijinks, anyone? I'm certain there would be drunk and disorderly conduct involved, and that Constable Wiggins (Lewd and Lascivious Conduct!) would be greatly displeased.
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So today I went to Barnes & Noble to pick up some books I had ordered, including Curse of the Blue Tattoo from the Bloody Jack series. I'm happy because my books have arrived, and I still have gift cards to use, and--


There was nothing wrong with the old cover! This new one sucks! Jacky looks like a tramp dressed up in a reject Ye Olde...Sometime costume! Mistress Pimm would not approve.

I need to learn how to make those book covers out of paper shopping bags so that I never have to see this again.
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General reactions while reading “A Brief History of Montmaray”, in order of appearance:

Hey, this reminds me a lot of “I Capture the Castle”!

Their living situation seems completely realistic based on what I remember reading about other “abandoned” islands around Great Britain and Ireland.

lol Rebecca is hilariously awful

I love the stories about the batty ancestors

it starts getting spoilery around here )
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I like audio books for when I'm driving or knitting. I particularly love the ones for the Bloody Jack series. The voice actress is brilliant--she does the different voices and accents, she captures Jacky's way of speaking perfectly, and she even sings the songs. But...I'm listening to the audio book for My Bonny Light Horseman and problems have ensued. When you're reading a book, if you get to something you don't like it's fairly easy to skip over. When you're listening to an audio book, it's something else altogether. Hearing disturbing scenes read out loud is a lot different than seeing the words on a page. major spoilers for this particular book as an example )

I just don't want to hear it. I'm trying to decide whether or not to power through or skip ahead several tracks on the CDs. I also encountered this problem when I was listening to White Cat by Holly Black, only in that case I hadn't read the book yet so I couldn't bring myself to skip ahead on the audio book. more spoilers )

So yeah, I like audio books as a general rule, and I love the ones for Bloody Jack (and The Dark is Rising Sequence because holy shit, those are awesome) but I'm still frozen on listening to any more at this time.


Aug. 1st, 2012 06:03 pm
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So in the Bloody Jack universe, Amy Trevelyne's books are hugely popular and are shown to have made it across much of the English-speaking/reading world. Seconds ago, I was hit with a desire for fan fic of characters in that universe writing Jacky Faber fic. Also, I would love to see Amy's fan mail.
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I had to do it! I regret nothing.

Title: The Course of True Love Never Did Run Smooth
Fandoms: Bloody Jack, Labyrinth
Summary: Five times Jacky and Jaimy didn’t get married, and one time they did.
Disclaimer: I don’t own the characters from Bloody Jack; if I did, Jacky and Jaimy would be married by now.

featuring abductions, other suitors, and jail, among other things )
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I'm listening to the audio book of Mississippi Jack. I've thought for a while that the riot in Boston, followed by the girls of the Lawson Peabody in jail and in court are some of the funniest scenes in the whole series, but listening to them read aloud makes me want to shriek with laughter.

Something that's also funnier when read aloud are Jaimy's increasingly frenzied letters as he continues his time on the then-frontier of the United States. The book is good, but you really have to listen to get the full effect of his ranting and raving. I think the audio books in this series are some of the best I've ever heard.
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Today I got all depressed over my real life problems so like any good fandom girl, I started another Bloody Jack fic to cheer myself up. I've only written the opening so far:

It wasn't hard to identify the morning sickness--Dorothea had never experienced it before but she knew what to look for after Jacky's most useful lecture on "Things Your Own Mothers Should Have Told You But Plainly Did Not". She wasn't entirely certain what would happen along the way--Jacky's lecture didn't completely cover Dorothea's situation--but there was one thing she knew for sure:

Mistress was going to kill her.
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Title: Spring of Drowned Troublemaker
Fandoms: Bloody Jack, Ranma 1/2
Summary: Jacky and Jaimy are reunited, but Jacky (as usual) has a surprise. Set following “The Mark of the Golden Dragon” and contains spoilers through that book.
Disclaimer: I don’t own Bloody Jack of Ranma 1/2.
Author’s Notes: I was giggling like a fiend while I wrote this. Poor Jaimy. But really, this can’t possibly be weirder than anything Rumiko Takahashi has done to her characters.

Now Jaimy, I swear it wasn't my fault )
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Even though I'm still anxious to finish my original novel, it seems that writing and posting my first fic since Yuletide flipped my "must write all the fic now!" switch. And I'm glad of it. Turns out the other switch that got flipped is "must give the world more Jacky Faber fic!" So here are excerpts from all my Bloody Jack stories currently in progress.

Bloody Jack/Ranma 1/2 crack crossover:
As much as he loves her, Jaimy has to admit that Jacky is not always good for his mental health and emotional well-being.

Amy getting her inner journalist on after the events of "In the Belly of the Bloodhound":
One does not try to argue what Jacky Faber should or should not have done. That way lies madness. More pressing are the facts that Amy’s classmates appear ready to wage war upon England and Amy would like to join them.

Bloody Jack/Zorro crossover:
“Black is a good choice,” Jacky says to Don Diego. “It melts into the shadows when necessary and is dramatic enough to help steal the hearts of young ladies—isn’t that right dearest?” she adds to her husband.

“It was an unintentional result,” he says dryly.
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There needs to be more Jacky Faber fic in the world, so here is my contribution.

Title: Look in Thy Heart, and Write
Fandom: “Bloody Jack” – L.A. Meyer
Summary: Amy Trevelyne in the aftermath of “Curse of the Blue Tattoo”. Set in between “Curse of the Blue Tattoo” and “Under the Jolly Roger”.
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters from “Bloody Jack”. My title comes from Sir Philip Sidney

Jacky never intends to be a harbringer of chaos but chaos happens all the same )


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