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I just found out that Hulu has all of Cowboy Bebop available. Marathon time! I still need to write that Cowboy Bebop/Bloody Jack Adventures crossover someday.
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iTunes finally has soundtracks for most (all?) of Studio Ghibli's movies available! I have iTunes give cards!

The newest Bloody Jack book, Wild Rover No More is available and I have a library copy in my hands!

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I think the last time I watched Gundam Wing was over ten years ago, back when it started airing on Cartoon Network. I was in high school at the time and some friends got me into it. Now I find it posted online and figured what the hell, I’d give it a rewatch. Most if not all of the reactions listed below are the parts that make me laugh.

I need to visit the liquor store so that I can have a drinking where you take a shot every time somebody says, “It’s a Gundam!” or a similar phrase.

Episodes 1 through 16 )
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I was re-watching some episodes of Escaflowne recently and realized that the floating Zaibach fortress (seriously, how does that thing even work?) reminds me of Howl's castle. I'd love to find a ficlet or a comic where the two "buildings" accidentally switched places one day and everyone was extremely confused.


Feb. 1st, 2014 02:04 pm
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Must re-read Ronia now! (And after Ghibli is finished with that, could they pretty please do adaptations of the Pippi books?)
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Yesterday I finished watching My Neighbor Totoro. HOW IS IT POSSIBLE FOR A MOVIE TO BE THIS ADORABLE? Between the sootballs, and the different totoros, and when spoilers ), I was dying of adorable overload. Also: THE CAT BUS OMG THE CAT BUS!!! CAN I RIDE ON THE CAT BUS, PLEASE? Partway through the movie it started reminding me of Appa from Avatar: The Last Airbender. I wonder if it's been confirmed whether or not the A:TLA team saw Totoro.

Last night I was still giggling over The Cat Returns and...I started writing fic. My current summary:

Haru had sworn she was done with the Cat Kingdom forever. She didn't even spend time with any cats on a regular basis, except for Baron and Muta. But all that changed when Prince Lune and Yuki's kitten literally fell into her lap.

I don't know what the main conflict is yet, but I have Haru going on and on in my head about how she doesn't like cats NOT AT ALL and she is definitely not dealing with the Cat Kingdom again because does anybody remember how they tried to TURN HER INTO A CAT LAST TIME, seriously how do you expect her to put up with more of that nonsense but now she has this kitten to deal with and STOP PURRING DAMMIT, SERIOUSLY STOP BEING SO CUTE, no I DON'T like you, no I am NOT going to rub your belly and...oh, Hell, FINE, Baron, I'll help.
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The Studio Ghibli marathon continues. So far I've watched/re-watched:

Howl's Moving Castle
Spirited Away
Laputa: Castle in the Sky
The Secret World of Arrietty
The Cat Returns

The Cat Returns is adorable! I'm only disappointed I didn't see this film sooner.

Our heroine, Haru, is a teenage girl who saves a cat from being run over by a truck. The Kingdom of Cats decides to thank her, but their rewards are the most hilariously awful things possible: they cover Haru's lawn with cattails, fill her locker with mice, and give her catnip. THEN they decide to bring her to the Cat Kingdom and marry her to the cat prince. Her only way of escaping is to turn to a fat white cat, a raven, and a cat statue named Baron who comes to life.

So far I've watched it with the dub cast and I thought it was pretty good. Haru, the main character, screams and shrieks a lot during the story. Anne Hathaway is the dub actress and in the extras it's entertaining to hear her talk about learning how to scream "properly" so that her voice wasn't gone by the end of each day. Cary Elwes voices Baron and he's perfect! At one point Haru confesses to Baron that she has a little crush on him. Really, who wouldn't fall for a dapper cat who rescues people in distress voiced by the Dread Pirate Roberts?

Just started watching My Neighbor Totoro for the first time. IT'S THE SOOTBALLS FROM SPIRITED AWAY!!! SO THAT'S WHERE THEY COME FROM! (I know, I've watched the movies in backwards order.)
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I just checked out four Studio Ghibli films from my library, and placed holds on four other films (including some I've never watched) owned by other libraries. Let the marathon begin!!!

I wish it was easier to get my hands on the soundtracks. I love all that pretty, pretty music, but I've only been able to find Princess Mononoke and Spirited Away on CDs in the U.S., and The Secret World of Arrietty on iTunes.
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I'm re-watching the first few episodes of Utena and some things popped up in my head. I may or may not use them in writing fic at some point.

Utena claims to wear a boy's uniform but no boy at Ohtori ever wears a uniform resembling hers! I want to play with this.

What if the student council members had to run for election? Hilarity ensues.

It would be funny if duels were used to settle all disagreements at Ohtori (ex. deciding which student has to clean the blackboards).

Regarding the Rose Bride costume: How do those cuffs stay put on Anthy's wrists?

Would Anthy beep when going through a metal detector?

Specific to Episode 1:
Utena consults a copy of the student rule book when a teacher hassles her about not wearing a girl's uniform. What kinds of "weird" rules might Akio have slipped in?

Wakaba says her mother told her she was the Onion Princess as a little girl. What if Wakaba really was the Onion Princess?
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I'm doing a marathon read of the Ranma 1/2 manga and I'm through Volume 5 so far. I love the fact that Rumiko Takahashi made up a martial arts tea ceremony. It's seriously awesome and hilarious.

Oh, lord. While typing the above, I was smacked with a desire to write a fan fic that's a fusion of the martial arts tea ceremony with Downton Abbey. They certainly drink enough tea. Or Avatar: TLA!
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I had been wanting to see the Studio Ghibli adaptation of The Borrowers ever since I first heard about it in 2010. (I was surprised to find out that there are two English-language adaptations: England and America.) It finally came to the U.S. and I saw it during opening weekend last month! I was happy to see how full the theater was, since anime movies don't always do that great over here. Highlights:

--the animation of course, especially in the garden scenes
--Carol Kane as the batty housekeeper
--Spiller offering his cricket leg
--the music by Cecile Corbel; I was afraid it would be removed and replaced with American pop-type music that would completely ruin the atmosphere for this release

spoiler comment )

I also got my hands on The Mark of the Golden Dragon, the most recent Bloody Jack book. I love this series so much. For this book in particular, I was greatly amused by the fan fic for "The Highwayman", the bit about Nelson's blood, and the scene where Jacky and Ravi are being chased by a tiger and she yells, "Bad kitty, bad kitty!" at it. Let's face it, I would probably do the same thing.

spoilers )

Recently I was reading the foreward to an anthology of the Grimm fairy tales and realized that the brothers lived in the same time period as Jacky. And she's been to Germany once already. I now want either a canon scene/reference in the books or fan fiction where Jacky meets the Brothers Grimm.

The next Jacky faber book comes out in October!
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Have a ficlet! I wrote this in the spring but never got around to posting it.

Title: Polly Wanna Cracker?

Fandoms: Ranma ½, Bones
Genre: Humor
Summary: One of the employees at the Jeffersonian now has a Jusenkyou curse.
Disclaimer: I don’t own either Ranma ½ or Bones.
Author’s Notes: This may turn into a longer fic someday. I still have no clue why Booth was at Jusenkyou.

Do that again and we will find out how sharp my beak is )
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I know I keep posting about current events lately but they're just too unusual to keep to myself. In today's news, a woman from Georgia was stopped at a New York/Canada border crossing. She was pretending to be pregnant, when in reality she was wearing a suit that (assuming I remember the numbers correctly) contained 34,000 ecstasy pills!

My immediate reaction? "Hey, that's just like the first episode of Cowboy Bebop!" Never mind that I haven't watched the show in years.
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I was minding my own business, relaxing while watching Spirited Away, and this happened.

Title: Bathtime

Fandoms: Dirty Jobs and Spirited Away
Genres: Crossover, Crackfic
Disclaimer: I don’t own either Dirty Jobs or Spirited Away.

“I’m Mike Rowe. Today on Dirty Jobs, we’re at a Japanese bath house catering to spirits and gods. The hours are long and the boss is tough, but the clients are interesting.”

The camera panned around a main hall with employees and the visiting spirits going every which way. A woman’s voice cut through the din.

“Rowe! Get in here and clean this tub before I rip up your contract!”

“Yes, Yubaba.” The crew’d had physically dirtier jobs before but this one took the prize for unusual. And they still had to rescue Barsky, who’d been turned into a pig.
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I've become enamoured with several anime abridged series in the past year. I love parodies of just about any kind to begin with and clicked on links immediately when I found out about them. These are my favorites:

Sailor Moon Abridged
I found out about this one when I was getting ready to move last summer and devoured all the posted episodes in about a week. They're hysterically funny, primarily making fun of the English dub. (Even the voices sound like the dub actors!) The thing that impresses me most is that the group of friends who does this has completed over 40 episodes and one of the movies, and they're still going.

Episode 1 on YouTube

Vision of Escaflowne Abridged
Some of the abridged episodes are shorter than I would like (around 5 minutes) but they're still hysterically funny. (Hitomi frequently breaks the fourth wall.) Currently, the creator has only two more episodes to go to finish the series. I can't wait to watch them but I'll be sad when it's finished.

Episode 1 on YouTube
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So I just watched The Adolescence of Utena, also known as "that really weird movie." Some thoughts, in the order I wrote them down while watching the movie:

--Ohtori's architecture is more screwed-up than Hogwarts.
--This movie is 85 minutes long. The characters say "prince" a total of 38 times. I didn't think to count how often they say "rose" or some variation on "duel" while I was at it.
--Anime science: Juri's Rapunzel hair fits inside her fencing mask.
--I want to write a Utena fic where somebody's allergic to roses.
--Does anybody actually attend Ohtori to get an academic education?

comments with spoilers behind cut )
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It has occured to me that watching Revolutionary Girl Utena while already being slightly unbalanced from doing homework all weekend probably isn't exactly the best thing for one's sanity. Especially the Nanami cowbell episode.


Nov. 20th, 2009 08:51 am
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Let's get this started! Here are a few of the drabbles I wrote this past 30 days. Happy reading!

Disclaimer: None of the following fandoms, book or TV show or anime, belong to me in any way. I've only borrowed them temporarily and will give them back when I'm done playing.

Title: Roleplaying
Fandom: Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery

Do I have to die at the end? )

Title: Wardrobe Malfunctions
Fandoms: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe / [other fandom revealed at the end]

Lucy was right, there's another world in the wardrobe )

Title: Employee Bonding
Fandom: Witch Hunter Robin
Warnings: Potentially slight OOC

Who says fire has to be used just for fighting? )
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I've been going through YouTube and bookmarking videos like it's nobody's business. Some of the goodies:

Baby Britain by Elliott Smith.
It's hard to find PotC music videos that I like, but I like this song.

Cowboy Bebop and The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything
What isn't good about this combination? The world needs more fun music.

And to feed my musicals fixation:

Totale Finsternis with the original Tanz der Vampire cast
Silly me, for not trying to see Tanz when I was in Europe. But I got to visit Wales so it's all good.

An Elisabeth music video with the song Dark Waltz by Hayley Westenra
I found this one today. Watched it several times and it still gives me chills.
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1. Despite what you might think from reading this, I do not drink a lot (I´m a rarity among Americans my age). These are just so much fun to come up with!

2. Contrary to the previous writing posted in my LJ, I do write things other than straight-up parody/humor.

Revolutionary Girl Utena Drinking Game )


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