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I had a great time when Season 0 aired and it's something I rewatch when I want to have something entertaining but I don't want to have to pay a lot of attention, like doing the dishes. I don't rewatch Season 2 often because even though I thought it was really well-done, it has so many painful moments. So I'm grateful that I can just start the playlist for Season 0 or Season 1 whenever I'm in the mood.

I've decided that the creators of Carmilla hadn't planned Season 0 when they started the show and this is why. (Thoughts on Perry are also behind the cut.)

Kirsch. That's the reason why. If it weren't for him, I could absolutely believe that Season 0 was planned. It's plausible that Perry and Mel remember everything that happened but don't want to admit it happened during Seasons 1 and 2, that Perry is hiding the fact that she's already met Carmilla, and that Carmilla really does not talk about it after the whole missing-periods-fairy-queen-locked-in-the-torture-chamber event is over.

But then we have Kirsch. He has clearly not met Carmilla before his first on-screen appearance in Season 1, or he never would have gone along with her hitting on him, which leads to biting. He's an honest, straightforward person who has no reason to pretend that Season 0's events never happened. The only explanation I can come up with is that somebody did a memory-loss spell on him, but there's no in-universe evidence of this.

Poor Perry. I wonder if her summons and then banishment of the Fairy Queen made her vulnerable to future magical possession? It would be a good explanation as to why the Dean chose her for possession after getting chucked into the Anglerfish pit.

Season 3 is finally posted! With any luck, I have enough self-restraint to finish posting my thoughts on Season 2--mainly Perry and possession--before I start watching it.
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