Apr. 20th, 2017

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1. I finally started the "import LJ to DW" process. I'll only be posting to DW after this but at this time I don't plan on deleting my LJ account since there's still one community I participate in.

2. Finally had my appointment today to see a specialist because of a clogged ear due to ear wax, which became even worse (constant feeling of pressure and difficulty hearing) after a first attempt at flushing it out at my regular doctor. How is this fixed, you might ask? In my case, basically by vacuuming out the ear wax. It was weird as hell and uncomfortable, but not painful and now I can hear again.

3. I clapped like a seal and cheered when I heard that Bill O'Reilly got fired. I'll take any victory we can get.

4. Flowers and trees are blooming everywhere and it makes me feel a lot better.

5. It's so hard making time to write these days. One of the only things I miss about my schedule from the work environment from hell was that I could get up and spend an hour writing before doing anything else a couple of days each week. I'm too tired on weeknights now and I don't always succeed at writing on the weekends. Trying to figure out a solution.


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